He is The God Most High

I recently finished a fourteen day devotional about the different names of God. One of the days I learned about the name "Elyon" which means God Most High. Genesis 14:14 says "I will ascend above the high places of the clouds. I will make myself like El Elyon." The name El Elyon sets God apart … Continue reading He is The God Most High


The “God” Filter

Well hear it is guys! This is the last post of my series on filters. Over the last couple weeks I've told you all about the us filter, fight filter, and the wisdom filter. We're closing it off with the God filter. I hope y'all have enjoyed this series and I'd love to get some … Continue reading The “God” Filter

The “Wisdom” Filter

We have all made dumb decisions. Either we knew it was not going to turn out well or we just weren’t thinking. At the end of the day dumb decisions don’t really matter unless they involve things that matter. Smart people can still do dumb things, but wise people are less likely to do so. … Continue reading The “Wisdom” Filter

The “Fight” Filter

We all love comfort. There’s no avoiding it. The comfort zone is a great place. I wrote a post about it a couple months ago. The speaker at BigStuf told us “the best life is an easy life.” That is what society tells us, but trust me, this life won’t always be easy. The best … Continue reading The “Fight” Filter

The “Us” Filter

Why is “your group” your group? Continuing on last week’s post about filters this week I am going to share with you the idea of the “us” filter. Last week I gave you all an introduction to the filters we use in our everyday lives. We also have filters we use for the friends that … Continue reading The “Us” Filter

Filters: See Different, Be Different

This past week I attended a Christian youth camp at Panama City Beach called BigStuf. Our main theme for the week was “Filters.” Over the course of seven sessions two different speakers taught us about the different filters we use in our everyday lives. We all have filters that affect every aspect of our lives; … Continue reading Filters: See Different, Be Different

Love Goes On

I'm gong to stay on the theme of music this week by sharing the lyrics of one of my favorite praise and worship songs. "Love Goes On" by Hillsong Young & Free is an up beat contemporary song that celebrates God's never ceasing love. I love the line that says "love unfailing, never shaken, hope … Continue reading Love Goes On

The Best Day Ever

Have you ever waited so long for something and when it finally comes it's better than you ever imagined? I experienced that this past weekend. Saturday was one of the best nights of my life. If you read my post about my obsession with music a while back you might now that my favorite band is The … Continue reading The Best Day Ever

8 Hours in The Woods

This is the story of a stupid teenager. A teenager who wasn't thinking with his head and made a terrible decision. That teenager is me. The day began like any other. I woke up, checked out social media, checked my emails, drank some coffee, and ate some breakfast. I decided I wanted to get out … Continue reading 8 Hours in The Woods

Where Should I Go After College?

For the last couple of years I have dreamed about living in a big city. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. The hustle and bustle of the city is intriguing to me. Augusta isn't that small of a town, but it definitely isn't an Atlanta. I want something bigger, something with more going on. … Continue reading Where Should I Go After College?