Relationships Are Everything

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As the first week of college comes to a close I realize the value of strong friendships more and more every day.

Meeting people and making new friends is a major part of college and it becomes more evident to me daily. There are around 5,800 freshmen at UGA this year. That means there are opportunities for making friends everywhere. Not once have I ever been completely alone. There are people EVERYWHERE.

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I think of myself as an outgoing person, but that side of me generally doesn’t come out until after I become closer to the person. Thankfully college puts us in situations that lead us to interactions with others. Whether it be rush, eating in the dining hall, or living in a dorm, opportunity lies everywhere. I’ve met so many people these last couple days and it’s so hard to remember everyone’s name. Thankfully everyone is understanding and is struggling with the same issue. I’ve found new people who I think will become great friends of mine in the future as well as old friendships that will grow stronger than they ever were in high school.

Before coming to college everyone has a label: jock, nerd, gay, lesbian, ROTC, theater. The list goes on and on. When we get to college all labels fade. It’s a fresh start for everyone. No one knows you when you get to college. You can completely transform yourself and no one would ever know. So far everyone seems to be much more accepting of others and open to becoming friends with people who they wouldn’t normally hang out with.

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I’ve also realized how important it is to work hard at strengthening relationships with people back home or at other schools.

My mom and I are pretty close, but so far this week I have called my mom numerous times. Sometimes I’ll do it with no reasoning. I’ll do it just to shoot the breeze. I’ve also texted my dad a lot and called him which I rarely do. Taking to a loved one back home can totally flip around my attitude for the day.

On Wednesday I had to say goodbye to my best friend. He’s going to Harvard this year so I won’t see him until Thanksgiving. Saying goodbye to him was pretty difficult, but I know that even though we aren’t going to see each other for a long time and life might take us down different paths we’ll be working hard daily to keep our friendship strong.

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Whether it’s the guy sitting next to you in class, the kid across from you in the dining hall, your roommate, fraternity brother, or friends and family back home relationships are everything in college.

The pictures for today’s post were taken at the aqueduct back home in Augusta. Zach Thompson and I went on a photography adventure the day before I left for school. If you like these pictures there will be more coming soon on my Instagram.

Ok, enough writing. I need to go talk to this kid sitting at the table next to me.


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