He is The God Most High

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I recently finished a fourteen day devotional about the different names of God. One of the days I learned about the name “Elyon” which means God Most High. Genesis 14:14 says “I will ascend above the high places of the clouds. I will make myself like El Elyon.”

The name El Elyon sets God apart from all. He is supreme because he is the Most High. The devotional said “he is lifted, exalted, positioned far above mere high things or even higher things.” No one can see what he sees. No one can do what he does. No one can raise themselves higher than God and look upon Him.

C.S. Lewis once said “as long as you are proud you cannot know God.” Thinking highly of ourselves and looking down on everything will always keep us from truly living for El Elyon the God Most High.

I will ask you the same questions the devotional asked of me: Who are you lifting up in your heart today? Yourself? Another person? Or the Most High God?

What does it mean to you that our Father is higher than all?

Father you are our God and King. We praise you and shout your name from this low place where we stand. I pray that we could experience more of you and less of us. You are forever El Elyon, the God Most High.


One thought on “He is The God Most High

  1. “What does it mean to you that our Father is higher than all?” God is higher than our limitations -those that we put on ourselves, on others, and even those that we put on Him! He is above all but also in the “all” that we find ourselves walking through. He is so much MORE than we can comprehend…and yet we are told we have the “mind of Christ.” I am thankful that we are able to get deeper revelation each day of who God is through the Holy Spirit teaching us. I exalt and worship our Most High God – EL ELYON!!

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