The “Wisdom” Filter


We have all made dumb decisions. Either we knew it was not going to turn out well or we just weren’t thinking. At the end of the day dumb decisions don’t really matter unless they involve things that matter.

Smart people can still do dumb things, but wise people are less likely to do so. Being smart is knowing what you know and being wise is knowing what to do with what you know.


When you encounter a situation and you don’t know what to do just ask yourself “what is the wise thing to do?”

Wise decision making is a vert important life skill. We have to make quality decisions in order to advance in our lives. Please do not make your decisions based solely on a want for immediate gratification. When you come to a time when you need to make a decision that involves something that matters take some time to imagine yourself down the road in life and think about how the decision will affect that future version of yourself. Every decision we make affects who we are and who we will become so always keep in mind the long-term affects of your decisions.


When this process of decision making is put into place it is called the “wisdom” filter. At BigStuf this year Jamey Dickens said the wisdom filter “helps us to know what to do during a situation based on where we’ve been and where we’re heading.”

What’s the wise thing to do based on where I’ve come from? Whats the wise thing to do based on where I want to go?

Proverbs 9:10 tells us “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the holy one is understanding.” God uses his word, his people, and his spirit to show us the wise decision. We must turn to God’s tools and live the wise life

The pictures for today’s post were taken by the gifted photographer Zach Thompson. He is a Christian and friend. If you liked these pictures you should definitely check out his Instagram where he has hundreds of incredible pictures.


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