Filters: See Different, Be Different

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This past week I attended a Christian youth camp at Panama City Beach called BigStuf. Our main theme for the week was “Filters.” Over the course of seven sessions two different speakers taught us about the different filters we use in our everyday lives. We all have filters that affect every aspect of our lives; we have filters that affect our decision making, our relationships, our views of God, and our representation of Jesus. I really enjoyed hearing about the topics and found them very insightful so I plan to share some of what I learned with you over the next couple weeks.

The first session was mainly an introduction to the idea of our filters. We learned a lot about the basic filters with which we see everything. We all have different filters that we use for different reasons in different situations. I strongly believe that how you see things directly relates to your experience and who you’ll become. God cares a lot about the filters we us because he cares about where we go in life.

If only we could see what God sees…

Romans 12:2 states “don’t copy the behavior of this world, but let God transition you into a new person by changing the way you see.”

Our lives revolve around our perceptions of experiences.

The filters that are “normal” are not always the best filters. The speaker gave us some examples of different filters that many of us use regularly; the fitness filter, beauty filter, achievement filter, fun filter, comfort filter, and boyfriend/girlfriend filter are just a few of the numerous filters we use. If you use the fitness filter you might look at most situations and consider whether or not they will affect your body, strength, and performance. If you use the beauty filter you might care a lot about your appearance and the appearance of others. If you are in a relationship you might use the boyfriend/girlfriend filter and make all your decision based off of what your boyfriend or girlfriend wants and says is right.

However you see things will dictate the path of your life. God cares about where we go in life and what we become so align your filters with Him. Our main saying at BigStuf this year was “see different, be different.” This means that when we change our view we change our lives.

What filter are you holding onto that is holding you back?

In John 14:6 Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The only way to heaven is through Jesus. Its that simple. Believe in those three ideas. He is the way. He is the truth. He is the life. Align yourself with the Father’s Kingdom, adjust your filters, see different, and be different.

For about the last year I regularly prayed the prayer “God help me see as you see.” It’s so simple, but so powerful. If we had the wisdom of Jesus and could see as he does our lives would be completely different. I encourage you to pray this prayer every morning. “Father allow me to see this day as you would see it.” That short and simple prayer can align you with God’s vision and lead to you using more beneficial filters.


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