8 Hours in The Woods

This is the story of a stupid teenager. A teenager who wasn’t thinking with his head and made a terrible decision. That teenager is me.

The day began like any other. I woke up, checked out social media, checked my emails, drank some coffee, and ate some breakfast. I decided I wanted to get out of the house and do some thinking. Whenever I get that feeling I usually go to the fire tower so that’s where I went. I grabbed my notebook, pen, and a book and headed to the tower.

When I arrived I climbed the tower just like I normally do. Everything was still going great. My Apple watch has a feature that allows me to remotely take pictures with my phone so I set it up and took some pictures of myself. I got some good shots, but there was one picture I really wanted so I set up my phone and as I was moving in front of it my phone slips. Do you know that feeling when something terrible happens and everything switches to slow motion? Yeah… cue the slow motion. My phone begins tumbling down the stairs, bounces around a bit, falls down a flight of stairs, hits a crossbeam, then another flight of stairs and then finally the ground.

I ran down the stairs of the tower to retrieve my phone and found that only the protective glass was broken. It was in pretty bad shape, but I could still use my phone. That was the one and only bullet I would be able to dodge that day.

I got back in my car and was headed home when I drove past a forest service road. I drive a Toyota 4Runner that doesn’t have 4WD. I bet you can tell where this is going…

I have driven down a forest service road before and everything was fine, but this time was different. For some reason I forgot that it had rained recently. I drove down the trail and everything was going great until I hit a fork in the road.

I had three choices. I knew there was no way I could make it going one way, the other way “seemed” fine, or I could turn around. Long story short, I made the wrong decision and got stuck. Then I had to sit and wait for someone to come get me out. The first person I called came to help, but he couldn’t get me out. We called a second friend, but he couldn’t get me out either. This meant I had to wait for my brother to get off work and come to my rescue.

From the time I got stuck until the time my brother got me out of the mud eight hours had passed. I spent my entire day sitting in my car because of terrible decision making.

It was a really really bad day, but I got through it.

I was planning to post something much better than this, but due to the situation you just read about I didn’t have enough time to plan out a post. I’m sorry if this wasn’t interesting to you, but this is what happened to me yesterday so I figured I would share it.



One thought on “8 Hours in The Woods

  1. Enjoyed your post Brooks. We have all made mistakes, and yes, now you, your brother and I have all become “stuck in the mud,” both literally and figuratively. That’s what happens when you are willing to take risks. Unfortunately, you will get stuck again, and hopefully the experience will be painful enough to help you learn, but not crippling. Not sure why you left out the part of about your parents coming to the rescue too, but I like the fact that you acknowledged and commended your big brother. It was good to see you and your brother working together to problem solve and get you out of a potentially worse situation. Your story makes me think of John 8 and Luke 15. No reason to beat yourself up any further… Love you, Brooks! Dad. P.S. I guess you were too embarrassed to tell us about your phone? P.S.S. Hope you enjoy washing our trucks, including the undercarriage 😛


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