Where Should I Go After College?

For the last couple of years I have dreamed about living in a big city. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. The hustle and bustle of the city is intriguing to me.

Augusta isn’t that small of a town, but it definitely isn’t an Atlanta. I want something bigger, something with more going on.

From the moment I first visited New York City I fell in love. I immediately knew I wanted to live there some day. The idea of living in a high rise, riding my bike to work, and being a young professional trying to “make it” in the city pulls me into the idea of going for it.

For all I know I could move to the city and realize that I hate it and if that happens I’ll be ok with it. I just want to get that experience of living in a huge city. I might get eaten up or struggle to make ends meet, but at least I tried.

So I should just go for it right?

Well I’d love to, but I have a dilemma…

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I love the outdoors. I love the views, silence, and simplicity of it. Cities have the views, but silence is hard to find and the lifestyle of a city is far from simple. This is where I’m unsure.

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I’ve spent the last week traveling in a charter bus across the country and seeing the beauty of the land continuously reminded me of how great it is being outside of the city.

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A couple nights ago I drove directly into a pink sunset. There’s nothing like that in my opinion. Crossing the Mississippi River, driving through the bayous of Louisiana, and passing by fields of cattle in Texas was awesome. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I kept getting caught in the moment and forgetting to pull up my phone camera.

It’s trips like this that make me question where I should live after college. Should I move to a huge city like NYC, or maybe a medium sized city like Charlotte, or just stay in Augusta, but travel more often? I guess I’ll just see where life leads me.


4 thoughts on “Where Should I Go After College?

  1. My grown up advice is to go where that first job takes you regardless of whether or not it’s where you see yourself forever. But keyword GO, and don’t stay. We’ve got big dreams of moving to a bigger (less American) city someday but living in Augusta is just a stop along the way. Pick a city like here where you’re 3 hours max from anywhere you’d want to go… mountains, beach, larger city, etc. Another perk of living in a big city is proximity to major airports and cheaper direct flights!

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  2. I know Charlotte has a lot of quiet areas and it’s possible to live ‘outside of the city’ and get the nature scene without having to go far. I’m pretty sure NY and other city places are similar but I’m not sure. Charlotte has a special place in my heart for being so city but so not at the same time


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