Why Fear Could Be What’s Holding You Back

We all have fears. You may be scared of heights, snakes, or maybe even the dark. Fears such as these plague many people, but today I am not talking about these kinds of fears. I am addressing the fears that actually hold us back in life.

The fears of failure and judgement.

You might be scared of starting something because you are scared of what will happen if you fail. Do you want to know what will happen when you fail? You’ll learn what not to do in the future. That’s it. It’s that simple. At the end of the day failure is just another lesson. Failing at things is great because it gives us a chance to look back and see our faults.

You might also have a fear of judgement. Being scared of judgement is one of the biggest things holding back so many of the people I know. Being afraid of what people think of us holds us back from success and living the lives we desire. The first thing we need to learn is to not care what people think of us. When I made the decision to not care what people thought about me my life got so much better.

My father who is a psychologist told me that “having a healthy amount of fear protects us from various dangers, but some irrational fears keep us from trying new things, taking chances, and exploring new opportunities.”

Don’t let fear consume your life. Who cares about being judged? The judgers are just doing it to feel better about themselves (which is pretty sorry). And failure can be a good thing; just make sure you take away a lesson.

Don’t be scared of these trivial things. Dissolve your fear and move on in life.


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