Serenity in Nature


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When I think of peace and tranquility the first place that comes to mind is the abandoned fire tower near Clark’s Hill. Climbing the tower may seem like a dangerous feat to some, but for me it is a way to find inner peace. Whether it be the the sound of waves crashing on the beach or eggs cracking on a bowl in a grandmother’s kitchen when people think of a place they love they usually have strong memories of the sounds of the place. For me it is different. At the fire tower there are no sounds. It is completely silent and I love it. Through the silence God speaks to me. When I am there I can think clearly. Nothing is in my mind if I do not want it to be.

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I can see for miles from the top of the tower. All can be seen; the world and my life is laid out before me. Being up there constantly reminds me of how small I am in this great big world. In Forth Goes The Road Christian Watson states “maybe the tiniest segment of one vein, of one leaf, on one tree could represent me in a wilderness of trillions. All of these people and events and instances and circumstances, explanations and words and ideals and feelings and thoughts and practices and it overwhelmed me, but it felt right. All of this unknown has to remain that way, and when i go back to it rationally in the form of mathematics, i could never know the solution at then end of the day, only that little parts, of other parts all add up and somewhere in it all, is me.” When I first read this quote I was confused so I had to reread it. The second time around it impacted me so much. I realized that every bit of it is true and that our lives and the problems we complain about are microscopic compared to the universe. When I am at the tower I am merely a speck in the forest that surrounds me just like Christian Watson stated in his book. I love that feeling. I feel that God speaks to me while I am there, and in my mind, that is the best feeling in the world. Trips to the fire tower open my mind and allow me to realize so much about myself and others.

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Life feels so beautiful and simple when I am there. I think of the fire tower as a place for me to go to unwind and refuel.  Just sitting up there in silence is incredible to me. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Pure simplicity. I want more of that in my life. I love every minute of it.

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I hope you will someday get the chance to experience a trip to the fire tower and understand my connection with serenity in nature.



One thought on “Serenity in Nature

  1. So true Brooks! You have found a place that facilitates mindfulness and serenity. A place that enables you to more clearly see, hear and feel the Holy Spirit…

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