How These Three Practices Can Help You Build Unwavering Self-Confidence

One of the most crucial characteristics to have when striving for success is unwavering self-confidence.


Becoming more self-confident can be difficult especially for those who have a long history of insecurity. In order to adopt a confident mindset you might need to change some things.

First think positive and kill all negative thoughts. Learn to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. This can be difficult, but when something negative comes to your mind take some time to step back and assess the thought. Find a new way to look at it and turn it into a positive thought.

Next you need to regularly express gratitude. I am a huge advocate for expressing gratitude. I believe that it has incredible powers. Being grateful is important because it reminds you of the positive things in your life, what is important in your life, and it turns the bad into the good. Regularly practicing gratitude will help boost your self-confidence.

Ridding yourself of negative people is vital for building confidence. One negative comment can have an incredible impact on what we think of ourselves. I am constantly sharing the famous quote “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” because it is so true. Jim Rohn was spot on when he said this. The people who are closest to us have the largest impact on us. If you have negative people around you please resist being with them. After ridding yourself of these people you will have more positive thoughts and you will be better able to boost your confidence.

Developing a strong sense of self-confidence can take time, but if you think positive, kill negative thoughts, express gratitude regularly, and rid yourself of negative people you will notice that it is quite easy and well worth it.



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