You Can’t Live Your Life Based on Other People’s Point of View

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I have always supported the idea of living life on your own terms and not living a certain way just because it is the norm or the way to “fit in.” It never hit me that hard until I saw this graphic from Gary Vaynerchuk. Living your life based on other people’s point of view will lead you to a life without purpose and fulfillment.

In my opinion living a life for God, yourself, and those you love is the best way to live.

If it brings glory to God’s name do it. If it makes you happy do it. If it brings value to other people do it. Do what you love.

Take some time to close your eyes and really think about your life. What would bring the most joy to your life? Is it something that people say you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do? You can’t listen to those people. Go out and do whatever it is that you thought about.

I don’t know about you, but the haters fuel me. They only drive me more and more towards the man I want to be and I hope that you will adopt a similar mindset.

Last week I heard Will Riddle say “nobody has the right to tell you who you are unless they made you.” Please go back and read that statement again. It is so powerful. There is not one person on this planet who has the right to tell you who you are. Be true to yourself and live your life to the fullest.

Never lose your sense of identity because no one else can be you.


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