How to Use Mentors to Increase Your Success

What is the best way to shorten the learning curve?


Learning from the key players in a field drastically shortens the education process. If you strive to be at top of your field seek out those who are already there. Study those people and learn how they got there.

Be careful not to start by asking for help. Begin by adding value to them. If you have a certain skill they lack offer to help them. Usually people are more inclined to teach others after they have been positively affected by the ones they are teaching. You will get value if you give value.

You may think that mentors can only be found in real life, but there are other forms of mentors we can utilize. The majority of my mentors are virtual mentors that I have find online. This can be in the form of books, podcasts, and webinars. These are great ways to learn and are alternatives to traditional education.

The people you are around most have the greatest affect on you. Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I strongly agree with this statement and believe that we need to make sure that our inner circle of influence is a group of positive and like-minded people who work towards empowering goals.

Do not forget that you can be a mentor for others. Sometimes we get caught up seeking guidance from others and we forget those who are below us. We need to follow the law of 33%. This means we should spend 33% of our time with people who are more advanced than us. Those people are usually already where we want to be. We should also spend 33% of our time with people who are at our level. This will help us connect with others who are currently experiencing similar things as we are. We should spend the last 33% of our time with people who are below us. Take some time to reach out to others who want to be at the level you are at. It is always good to give back and help others.

Leaders create leaders. Reach out to the people who are at the top of your field, offer value, and ask for guidance. And do not forget to give back by helping those who are below you.


One thought on “How to Use Mentors to Increase Your Success

  1. I’ve had the pleasure to work with a few boss ladies that have become invaluable mentors over the years! I feel lucky that they took a chance on me and working with them has helped me grow my skill set. This is great advice for anyone who is just starting out or starting over. I think a lot of times people are scared to share their knowledge because they might give up secrets to their success but teaching is just as much a part of the growth process.

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