The Importance of Saying No

Are you overcommitted? Do you feel like you are stretched too thin?

We need to learn the importance of saying “no”.

Do not feel obligated to always say yes to everyone and everything that demands your attention and time. Too many of us stretch ourselves too thin by constantly telling others that we can take on new tasks and do things for them.

Saying “yes” to too many things can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Do not put too much on your plate; you will end up feeling bogged down and you can possibly lose your sense of self. You say “yes” to yourself when you say “no” to other things that do not bring growth.

You deserve a break. Be selfish. It is unfortunate that the word “selfish” has such a negative connotation.  Sometimes we need to just take a break and think about ourselves. Regularly give yourself breaks from committing to engagements. Treat yourself and take it easy.

Do not say “yes” if it might not be good for you. If something sounds risky resist engaging in it. If it has the possibility of being detrimental to your health, wealth, love, or happiness do not take part. Simply say “no.”

Practice the polite decline. When you say “no” give the person a suggestion or lead them to another option. Do not straight up say “no” to them. Be polite and guide them.

Now I am not telling you to constantly tell others you cannot. That will make you seem like you never want to do anything. What I am saying is that you should not say “no” when there is no reason behind it.

It requires strength to turn down opportunities, but don’t feel bad when letting one opportunity go if it does not seem right during the current time. Stay positive and a different opportunity will most likely take its place eventually.


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