How Curiosity Creates Freedom

Do you have an urge to discover, know, learn, and expand your knowledge?

In Awaken The Giant Within Tony Robbins said, “If you really want to grow in your life, learn to be as curious as a child. Children know how to wonder.”

It was easy being curious when we were younger, but as we age we begin to narrow our hobbies and sometimes become fixed in our interests. This process diminishes our curiosity until we decide that we no longer need new stimuli in our lives. This is a major problem that must be remedied.

Curiosity is crucial for a happy life. When we adopt a curious mindset we become more open-minded towards new ideas and adventures. It helps us when challenged by difficult tasks. Curiosity allows us to see things that we never knew existed. Being curious about life allows us to enter a world of possibility.

In order to effectively develop a mindset of curiosity we must be open-minded towards everything we encounter. Become a questioner; constantly wonder why things are the way they are and how things happen. Be willing to learn. Approach problems and opportunities with enthusiasm and you will naturally become more interested in them. Avoiding boredom will also aid in being more curious. Make sure you add variety to your life and make it mentally stimulating. One of the biggest enemies of curiosity is routine. It makes us do the same things repeatedly which leads to boredom. Explore your surroundings; going to new places and trying new things will naturally make you more interested in a variety of things thus promoting curiosity.

Make life a challenge that stimulates you. Escape boredom and routine. Add variety to your life. Be curious.


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