Real Growth Occurs Outside of the Comfort Zone

Let’s face it. The comfort zone is one of our favorite places.

Living our lives in comfort knowing that everything is going to be ok and there is not much risk involved feels great, but when we do this too often it can become dangerous. Living in the comfort zone promotes complacency. We become happy with where we are and no longer push ourselves to grow.

Real growth occurs outside of our comfort zones so if you are not happy with where you are look around. You might realize you have been in the same place for a long time. Change your surroundings and do things that challenge you. Do things that you might not normally do or things that push you and make you uncomfortable.

Getting caught in one place slows us down from reaching our greatest potential and living the lives we desire.

Examine your life and focus on an area where you want to improve. Choose one thing that you would like to achieve that would benefit you in that area. Then commit to do one thing that takes you out of your comfort zone each day that pushes you towards your goal. You will notice rapid growth and progress every day.


One thought on “Real Growth Occurs Outside of the Comfort Zone

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