Bring Him In So You Can Get Out

With the start of a new year so many of us make decisions to start new chapters in our lives and create change. Whether you are trying to start a new habit or stop a bad one I believe that this applies to all of us.

So maybe you have made the decision to alter your habits and provoke changing your life. First you need to come to the realization that making changes does not happen overnight. Just because it is a new year does not mean that you will automatically master a habit. New approaches are necessary and change is impossible without them. If you consistently bring the same approach to the same situation you always get the same results.

In my life the best approach to something new is to get God involved. I believe that we should always bring God into what we are trying to get out of in life. We should never focus on getting out of where we are, but rather focus on bringing God into it. We must have strong faith and trust that he will bring us out of our current situations. Without having strong faith living in us it is impossible to please God. Faith conquers, heals, provides, acts, leads, and enables. Simply, faith does.

Now it is all good to have strong faith but if one does not act on it, it is pointless. We cannot just listen to the Word and not respond to it. It is quite common for us to focus on our vertical relationship with God rather than our horizontal relationship with him. Too often we focus our attention on connecting directly to God which is vertical when we should be devoting more time to developing our horizontal relationship by employing what we learn in our daily lives. Doing good works is key to a strong faith. I believe that service is the only pathway to significance. Will Riddle, a youth pastor at Stevens Creek Community Church, recently stated “put some motion to your devotion.” It sounds very cheesy, but it is so true. Acting on what we learn in our personal time with God is crucial.

Sometimes acting and serving others can be difficult. You might be scared of judgment or failure. If you truly trust in God you should be willing to handover the reins to him. When you live a life of service to others do it with nothing to hide and nothing to prove. Live a life of integrity. Do not do it for approval or recognition. Do it for the King. Do it to glorify Him. Do it because you believe.


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