Why Every Word Matters

“Live… as if you’re one word away from a life-changing encounter every moment of your life.” -Dave Harvey

Take a second to let that statement sink in. This quote is one of the most powerful quotes I have heard in my entire life. Imagine what this world would be like if everyone lived this way. No more arguing, no more bringing others down. Life-changing encounters around every corner positively encouraging and impacting others.

Be aware of what you say to others; you never know how your words will affect someone. Our tongues and the words they produce direct the course of our relationships.

According to the Book of James, if you put a bit in the mouth of a horse you have full control of where the horse goes. This is similar to ships being that they are so large and controlled by winds, but a small rudder directs its course. Our tongues may be small, but they lead us through life.

Live your life as though every word you speak matters and could affect someone in ways you could never imagine.

Look for opportunities to have these kinds of encounters, use your story, and build relationships with people.

Remember that every word you speak matters.




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