Stop Underperforming and Start Hustling

When most people think of hustle they probably think of players on a football field doing drills and working their butts off. That is hustle, but I’m referring to the hustle we should be doing in our everyday lives. Sometimes we just have to put our heads down and work. Work like we mean it. Putting away all distractions and getting the job done.

When we hustle we might have to stay up all night. We might miss a meal. We might have to go a couple of hours without our phone, but if that is what it takes to get the job done then that is what we should do. Whatever gets in the way when we are in hustle mode should be pushed out of the way. In his famous How Bad Do You Want It speech Eric Thomas said “some of you love sleep more than you love success. If you want to be successful, you gotta be willing to give up sleep.” These last two weeks I have been hustling daily, swamped with college applications, homework, and homecoming week festivities. This past week I was forced to work all the way up until I went to bed at 1:50, 12:30, 11:45, 12:30, and 12:20 which is very late for me. I may have complained through every minute of it, but I made progress towards getting things done.

When we learn to harness the power of hustle our successes are limitless. When we hustle we have to be smart though. Wasting time is not an option and every ounce of energy we put in needs to be used in an effective way.

Go out this week and hustle your butt off like those players on the field. Be smart in how you work, but be willing to work until well after the sun goes down.


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